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Brien Lundin

Gold Newsletter

Executive Editor

Brien Lundin is president of Jefferson Financial, executive editor of Gold Newsletter, and host of the famed New Orleans Investment Conference. He draws on 40 years of experience in investment analysis and publishing to deliver uniquely profitable advice to his readers. For over four decades, Gold Newsletter has provided serious investors with a behind-the-scenes view into the precious metals and resource stock markets, and consistently led its readers to profits of a degree rarely found elsewhere.


Rick Rule

Sprott US Holdings, Inc.

President and CEO

Rick Rule founded Global Resource Investments, Inc., which provides investment advice and brokerage services to high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and corporate entities worldwide. Global Resource Investments, Inc., is now part of the Sprott, Inc., group of companies, a public company, focused on investment management in the natural resources sector. The company manages or administers in excess of CAD$8 billion in resource and commodity assets. Mr. Rule has been active in natural resource investing for 35 years and is a well-recognized analyst in mining, energy, water, forest products, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors. A popular public speaker, he is a featured presenter at investment and industry forums and conferences around the world. Mr. Rule is particularly active in private placement markets, having originated and participated in hundreds of debt and equity transactions with private, pre-public, and public companies.


Michael Burnick

Infinite Income and Real Asset Millionaire


Mike Burnick brings his vast experience, investment expertise, research, and writing skills to Agora Financial as editor of his monthly Infinite Income newsletter and editor of the premium trading services, Tipping-Point Trader and Real Asset Millionaire. With 30 years of professional experience in the investment business, he has a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of the financial service industry with expertise as a stockbroker, trader, research analyst, investment adviser, portfolio manager responsible for the day-to-day operations, and investment allocation of a mutual fund and separately managed account strategies.


Byron King

Rickards Gold Speculator With Byron King


Byron King is a Harvard-trained geologist, with a strong background in geochemistry and mineralogy. He's also a former naval officer who served on the staff of Chief of Naval Operations. Now Mr. King writes about precious metals and mining for Agora Financial. His newsletter is called the Rickards Gold Speculator With Byron King. He uncovers investable opportunities in precious metals, looking for asymmetric trades with minimal downside and strong upside. He focuses on applying high tech to classical geology and writes with a common-sense approach that's easy to understand.


Sean Brodrick

Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio


Sean Brodrick is the editor of Marijuana Millionaire Portfolio. And he's helped investors bank bushels of gains on the marijuana legalization trend. That includes 193%, 203%, 237%, and up to 363%, all in a single day! He does it through hard work and boots-on-the-ground research. Sean has studied natural resources for years. He's traveled from diamond fields north of the Arctic Circle to an ancient city of silver and mummies in Mexico to so far south in Argentina that penguins waddled up to check out what he was up to. All on the trail of profits. Now, he's hunting MORE cannabis profits. Check out what he sees shaping the industry in the year ahead—and where to target big gains.


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